From providing volunteer opportunities to students, to offering continuing education courses in Rome, John Cabot University prides itself on community outreach.

Center for Professional and Continuing Education

Professional and Continuing Education

The Center for Professional and Continuing Education offers courses and resources directed at managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and Alumni for their professional and personal growth.

Guarini Institute for Public Affairs

Guarini Institute

The Institute offers an annual series of lectures, seminars, and encounters aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding of the key issues and challenges facing the world today.

Community Service

Community Service

The Program offers many different service opportunities and  gives students the possibility to be awarded with an official Certificate of Participation for volunteering with our affiliated associations.

Italy Writes

Italy Reads, Writes, Pitches

Italy Reads, Italy Writes and Italy Pitches are initiatives that provide high school students with opportunities to put their English language skills to use.