Student Life

Student Life


Dear JCU students and families,

Welcome to John Cabot University in Rome. JCU is one of the largest American liberal arts universities operating internationally. The University champions diversity, academic excellence, and community success. As the Dean of Students, it is my privilege to engage with students outside the classroom in support of their mental, physical, emotional, and professional wellbeing. Living and learning outside your comfort zone can lead to substantial change. I, alongside the Student Services team, are here to invest in your journey and help you realize your goals!

As a former study abroad student, I understand the profound impact of international education. Adapting to new environments is both invigorating and intimidating. At JCU, you have the opportunity to evaluate your own values and objectives within a global community, transforming the way you see others and the way you see yourself. Embracing this personal change takes courage and honesty. The Dean of Students' office is committed to holistic student support and guidance, understanding that the learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom. The JCU Student Services, Housing, Community Service, Health and Wellbeing, and Residence Life offices are here to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to problem-solve, innovate, and overcome challenges. We encourage students to invest in JCU through our many student learning and service opportunities, like being a Residence Assistant, Orientation Leader, participating in a club, writing for the JCU newspaper, serving in Model United Nations, playing on one of our champion sports teams, or volunteering at a local community organization. In addition, we have a robust network of resources to support you during a crisis, including the JCU CISI insurance plan (you can learn more and sign-up for the plan here) and subscription to International SOS which provides logistical support during international travel.

I invite you all to approach your time at JCU with a curious mind and an open heart. The vibrancy of our multifaceted community will be enriched by your individual and unique contributions. I look forward to seeing you all on campus. Together we will continue the JCU tradition of creating future leaders who will foster intellectual tolerance, freedom, and integrity in an increasingly interdependent and multicultural world.

Ad majora!

Carla Wiegers, M.A.
Dean of Students

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 Dean of Students Carla Wiegers

Dean of Students Carla Wiegers
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