Admissions at John Cabot University

Student Enrollment Profile

As an American liberal arts university located outside of the United States, JCU’s student body reflects our commitment to building an international academic community composed of both full-time degree-seeking students and visiting students that fosters intellectual tolerance, freedom, and integrity.  

Bringing together Italian, American, and international degree-seeking students with our visiting American and international students, creates a unique student body that thrives in the open, international city of Rome.

JCU’s multilingual and culturally diverse community surrounds us with opportunities to observe, learn, be innovative and creative, and build networks that will create value for the future.

This community allows us to appreciate what it takes to collaborate with others who may seem different until we discover our commonalities. This will distinguish us as we enter a world where transnational issues present an ever-greater need for mutual understanding and civil discourse.

Total enrollment Fall Semester 2021: 1438
Undergraduate enrollment: 748 (Degree-seeking and Visiting students)
Graduate enrollment: 30

All Students by Region - Fall 2020

Degree-seeking students:   
Enrollment of 748 students from 75 countries

Visiting students:  
Enrollment of 660 students from 42 U.S. States 

Geographic origin

  • United States:  New England (20%), Mid-Atlantic (32%) South (10%), Midwest (12%), Far West (26%)
  • Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world (<1%)

Last updated: September 2021, Office of the Dean