Admissions at John Cabot University

Disability Accommodations Policy

Students seeking disability accommodations should identify themselves at the time the pay their tuition deposit or housing placement fee:

  • Students requesting accommodations for medical or physical disabilities should contact the Dean's Office directly at [email protected].
  • Students requesting accommodations for learning disabilities should contact the Coordinator of Learning Disability Accommodations (Associate Dean Pamela Harris) at [email protected]

To determine feasible and appropriate recommendations, the university will need recent (no older than four years), detailed medical and/or psychological documentation of the disability to be accommodated. Documentation of an accommodations grant from another institution is neither necessary nor sufficient. The university assesses the accommodations that would be necessary for the student to complete a course or program at JCU. After this evaluation has taken place, students will be informed directly by the Academic Dean's Office of the accommodations that have been granted. In the event it appears that reasonable accommodations cannot be made for a student with a learning or other disability, the University will refund the application fee, the tuition deposit, and the housing placement fee.

John Cabot University cannot provide individual learning or other disability accommodations to students who do not follow the above guidelines

For more information, contact the Admissions Office in Rome at: +39-06-681-9121 or: [email protected]