John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is a four-year liberal arts program consisting of 40 courses (120 credit hours) including a major field and the distribution requirements. John Cabot University also offers two-year (60 credits) Associate of Arts degrees in all major fields and an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts.

Requirements for all Bachelor of Arts Degrees

There are basic requirements for all degrees at John Cabot University. The Proficiency Requirements of the University in English, Mathematics, and Foreign Language, and the General Distribution Requirements.

Furthermore, within each Bachelor's degree program, there are specific requirements to be met by the student. These requirements include ten to twelve core courses, deemed by the Faculty to be essential to the discipline, and comparable to the requirements for the same degree at other recognized and accredited colleges and universities in the American system of higher education. In addition to the core requirements, students select electives that support the core program and courses in other discipline areas of particular interest.