Department of English Language and Literature

Minor in English Literature in Rome

A Minor in English Literature develops students’ critical skills, their aesthetic appreciation, and their understanding of cultural history, while promoting interdisciplinary thinking. It is an effective way of signaling to perspective employers that you have a well-rounded education in the tradition of the Liberal Arts.

The Minor in English Literature:

  • complements majors in Humanities, Philosophy, History, Classics, Modern Languages, Art History, and Media Studies stimulating interdisciplinary comparisons by observing the endurance and transformation of shared stories and ideas and studying the expression of creativity in the medium of language.
  • provides a valuable addition to the CV of majors in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Economics, developing effective writing skills and tools for self-expression, critical analysis, and project development.
  • adds a new angle for majors in Political Science, International Affairs, Psychology, and Social Sciences through the study of social, political, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and cultural developments as they are represented in literature.
  • complements a major in Computer Sciences and Mathematics with a focus on Digital Humanities, reflecting on the structures of natural and artificial languages, and on the interaction between the humanities and programming.


See the pre-Fall 2024 requirements

The two general distribution requirements in English literature can be used towards the minor in English literature.

Courses required for the Minor in English Literature:

Six literature courses with an EN prefix.
You may substitute one EN course with any CW course


  • No more than one grade lower than a C- will be accepted in courses applying to the minor.
  • In the case of multiple minors, no course may apply to more than one minor.
  • No more than three courses may apply to both the major and the minor.
  • At least four courses must be taken in residence at John Cabot.
  • Requirements for the minor must be completed by the time of graduation.