Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Minor in Italian Studies in Rome


The Minor in Italian Studies allows students to expand their skills and knowledge in all aspects of contemporary Italian literature, culture, society, and politics and language, using JCU’s unique Roman setting to deepen their engagement with the complexities of Italian life.

Students have the freedom to choose 6 courses from the Italian Studies curriculum in a huge variety of flexible combinations. They can select classes that provide them with a broad overview of the field or that allow them to investigate a specialized topic or area in depth and from cross-disciplinary perspectives. Since many of our courses are in the Italian language, choosing these enables students to refine their linguistic and translation skills that are essential in the contemporary workplace. 

The Minor in Italian Studies complements all majors at JCU. For Business, Marketing, Economics and Finance students, it provides deep exposure to the surrounding cultural, political and business environment, enriching their ability to analyze and operate within that context in local internships and through comparative study. Students of International Affairs, Political Science, Communications and International business will enhance their knowledge of their disciplines by focusing closely on the specificities of Italian society. Those majoring in Art History, Classical Studies, English Literature, History and Humanistic Studies will refine their intellectual tools and analytical skills both within and beyond the boundaries of their fields of study.

  • Improve communication in Italian in the four language skills areas (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Identify, interpret and explain the major developments and forces shaping Italian social, political and cultural history, drawing on relevant theoretical debates
  • Distinguish, discuss and evaluate the role of key trends and works in Italian literature, cinema and other forms of cultural production, using relevant literary and cultural theory

Requirements for the minor

Six courses taken from the Italian studies core curriculum and approved major electives.
(Advanced classes taught in the Italian language have IT 301 or 302 as a prerequisite) 


  • No more than one grade of lower than a C- will be accepted in courses applying to the minor.
  • In the case of multiple minors, no course may apply to more than one minor.
  • No more than three courses may apply to both the major and the minor.
  • At least four courses must be taken in residence at John Cabot.
  • Requirements for the minor must be completed by the time of graduation.