Psychological and Social Sciences

Minor in Sociology


The Minor in Sociology is designed to encourage students in any degree program to deepen their understanding of social relations, power dynamics, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. The ability to critically analyze the social implications of any field of study is an inherent feature of a liberal arts education. The Minor therefore complements and enriches all of JCU’s B.A. programs.

On completion of the Minor, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the key paradigms, concepts, and terminology used in sociological debate
  • Understand sociological research design, data gathering, and data analysis methods
  • Reflect on the global dimensions of social processes and interactions
  • Connect their individual biographies to broader sociological forces
  • Build critical analytical thinking skills and apply them orally and in writing

Requirements for the Minor

1. SOSC 202 Introduction to Sociology

2. Five additional courses with the SOSC prefix. One of these may be substituted with an approved course from another Department (listed below):

  • COM 220 Media, Culture and Society
  • CMS 320 Cultural Resistance
  • CMS 360 Race and Gender in Popular Media
  • CMS/BUS 385 Surveillance, Privacy and Social Identities: Practices and Representations
  • CMS/PL 312 Social Media, Social Movements, Social Change
  • DMA 322 Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement
  • GEOG 101 Human Geography
  • PL 208 Statistical Analysis for Political Science
  • PL 228 Genocide
  • PL/EC 375 Politics of Gender
  • MKT 350 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations
  • MKT 355 Social Marketing and Fundraising
  • MGT 345 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT/CMS 361 Social Networks and Media Management
  • PS 208 Introduction to Statistical Analyses of Psychological Data
  • PS 334 Social Psychology
  • PS 357 Human Sexuality
  • PS 337 Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

 General Requirements for all Minors 

  • No more than one grade of lower than a C- will be accepted in courses applying to the minor.
  • In the case of multiple minors, no course may apply to more than one minor.
  • No more than three courses may apply to both the major and the minor.
  • At least four courses must be taken in residence at John Cabot.
  • Requirements for the minor must be completed by the time of graduation.