Department of Business Administration at John Cabot University in Rome

Minor in Entrepreneurship


The Minor in Entrepreneurship at JCU is a unique program that allows non-business as well as business students to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to start their own company, participate in a family business, or develop innovative ideas in traditional settings. The program is tailored to students, based on their interests, capabilities, and objectives. Entrepreneurship lends itself to cross-disciplinarity and therefore combines well with any major.

The minor is structured around three pillars:

  • Entrepreneurial foundations, consisting of (1) Introduction to Entrepreneurship, which guides students through the ideation, validation, and business modeling process, and (2) Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship, a 'capstone' 400-level case-based course.
  • Entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation courses that help students understand the nature of an opportunity and the path to implementation.
  • Skill-building or industry-specific courses that enable students to deepen their understanding of the context in which they wish to operate, as well as acquire skills they can deploy in the pursuit of an entrepreneurial idea.

The minor can be tailored to specific interests, such as social change, art/beauty/culture, or technology, as indicated below.

Students who successfully complete the minor will be able to:

  • Understand the role and challenges of an entrepreneur
  • Understand how to evaluate opportunities
  • Systematically generate and evaluate business ideas
  • Understand key elements of a successful entrepreneurial strategy
  • Define a working business model
  • Formulate and deliver a persuasive elevator pitch
  • Develop their own entrepreneurial network

Requirements for the Minor 

There are four main paths in this minor, to tailor it to students’ backgrounds, interests, and needs:

  • Standard, For-Profit Entrepreneurship path 
  • Social Innovation path, for students interested in applying entrepreneurial tools to create social good 
  • Innovation in Art and Humanities path, for students who want to apply entrepreneurship to these disciplines
  • Innovation and Technology path, for students interested in technology-driven entrepreneurship

The minor consists of six courses, selected based on the student’s objectives for the minor, as indicated for each of the paths. 

See complete details and lists of applicable courses for the Minor in Entrepreneurship.


  • No more than one grade of lower than a C- will be accepted in courses applying to the minor.
  • In the case of multiple minors, no course may apply to more than one minor.
  • No more than three courses may apply to both the major and the minor.
  • At least four courses must be taken in residence at John Cabot.
  • Requirements for the minor must be completed by the time of graduation.