Department of English Language and Literature

Minor in Creative Writing at John Cabot University

The Minor in Creative Writing, offered by the Department of English Language and Literature and taught by published authors and practitioners, is designed for students in all majors who wish to develop their creativity and their writing skills. It is the ideal minor for students who want their undergraduate experience to reflect a creative dimension.

Students can earn academic credit for producing imaginative works of Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Literary Translation, and Screenwriting/Dramatic writing, while practicing their critical reading skills. The supportive environment of the Creative Writing classroom, in which participants foster each other’s development through the review of diverse voices, helps students improve as writers, readers, and creative thinkers.

Every semester the Creative Writing Showcase offers students the opportunity to share their work with the JCU community, and there are possibilities for publication in the JCU student-run newspaper The Matthew. The Minor is linked to the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation which takes place in the Summer I semester each year.

Requirements for the Minor in Creative Writing

See the pre-Fall 2024 requirements

Five Creative Writing workshops.
One course with an AS, DR, MUS, or DMA prefix or EN285.

General requirements for all minors

  • No more than one grade lower than a C- will be accepted in courses applying to the minor.
  • In the case of multiple minors, no course may apply to more than one minor.
  • No more than three courses may apply to both the major and the minor.
  • At least four courses must be taken in residence at John Cabot.
  • Requirements for the minor must be completed by the time of graduation.