Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies is a rigorous interdisciplinary degree that combines the study of Italian literature, culture, society, and politics while developing students’ fluency in Italian language. The context of an American liberal arts university exposes students to many fields of study and ways of approaching intellectual problems related to Italy, while John Cabot University’s Roman setting enables students to engage daily with the multifaceted realities of contemporary Italian life.

The core curriculum combines a progression of language courses which develop a high level of proficiency in all language skills areas (C1 of the Common European Framework) with courses that provide students with a strong foundation in Italian literary and cultural studies and in the country’s evolving social, political and business environments. Students are then guided to further carve out their preferred areas of specialization through appropriate choices of major electives.

Italian Studies majors have the exceptional opportunity to enhance their study with on-site learning and field research, and they are strongly encouraged to do internships in companies, organizations and institutions which best fit their career plans. The major culminates in the final year when each student selects a topic and works individually with a specialized faculty member to research and write a senior thesis. 

We offer numerous merit-based Presidential Scholarships and need-based Assistance Grants.

Degree requirements for the B.A. in Italian Studies.


The major is designed to develop strong critical, communicative and intercultural skills that are essential preparation for today’s job market. It unites practical training in translation and exposure to the Italian business world with courses in literary, cultural and social theory and methodologies, all in small classes that permit active learning and intensive work with our expert faculty. Our graduates have gone on to work in Italian businesses, media, and other culture industries and in Rome’s UN agencies, while others have been accepted to prestigious graduate programs in Italy, the US and internationally. 

Students with a B.A. in Italian Studies can pursue further education in graduate programs in Italian Studies, Sociology, Education, and Humanities or start their career in publishing, translation, tourism, and media, both in English and Italian. The well-rounded knowledge of Italian language and culture that students acquire with the B.A. in Italian Studies qualifies them as competitive candidates for a variety of jobs and internships related to the Italian cultural landscape and Made in Italy.



Diedre Blake  

DIEDRE' BLAKE, Class of 2014
Diedré Blake has been working in Japan in the field of language education, guiding teachers to improve their skills through embracing cultural competency and developing self-awareness. 

Anthony Mastroianni  

Anthony Mastroianni is currently living in Naples where he is working on several writing projects. Three of his short stories are featured in the Lotus Eater literary magazine.

Kathryne Kehoe  

KATHRYNE KEHOE, Class of 2018
Kathryne Kehoe is currently working in early childhood education and outdoor education. She is waiting for admittance to a Master’s Degree in Teaching at Lewis and Clark College.