Italy Pitches

Italy Pitches

"The tongue can paint what the eye can't see" - Chinese proverb

The Project

Building on the tremendous success of JCU's Italy Reads and Italy Writes programs, John Cabot University and the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship have created Italy Pitches, a national, English-language pitching competition for Italian high-school students. Participating students will select a non-profit organization, study it and create a pitch to convince the audience to donate to its cause.

An elevator pitch is a short speech used to quickly convey the key points of an argument and to initiate a conversation that will eventually lead to action. Widely used for networking and fund-raising, pitching is a learnable skill that generates confidence and empowers students to change their world.

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The overall objective of this program is to show young people how to find their voice and train it to bring about social change. Participating students will be introduced to the world of nonprofit organizations and social businesses, and will be required to construct an advocacy pitch for an organization of their choice.


Students who take part in Italy Pitches will:

  • Perform research using digital sources in English
  • Build a robust, persuasive argument supported by evidence
  • Engage the audience through eye contact and oral delivery
  • Understand the challenges of the nonprofit world
  • Develop a greater awareness for socially important topics
  • Feel empowered and gain confidence

Italy Pitches is designed to be a very flexible tool that can help participating teachers apply a variety of themes taught in the classroom in a stimulating, engaging way.

Participating teachers will automatically become Friends of the Institute and will be invited to other events related to Entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the year.

Meet Francesca Romana Picone, winner of the 2017 edition
"It was definitely a learning experience, not only for the pitch itself but also in other aspects of my life. I am now much more confident during 'interrogazioni' (oral tests common in the Italian school system)….  I’d like to come to John Cabot and study Economics." Full Interview

Meet Marco D'Albis, winner of the 1st edition
“I am very happy that I participated, not only did it help me improve my public speaking skills, it also increased my self-confidence and led me to participate in a unique experience, the JCU English Summer Camp”. Full Interview

Cinzia Solfiti, teacher at I.I.S. "Margherita Hack"
"The Italy Pitches Program is a great opportunity to learn how to speak in public. It's a really difficult skill which can be acquired using the techniques IFE teaches."


Italy Pitches


 Italy Pitches Competition