Institute for Entrepreneurship


The Institute for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Career Services Center, regularly offers a variety of internships within startup companies, where students can experience many of the challenges faced by an entrepreneur and hone their entrepreneurial skills. These internships cover a wide range of industries to cater to our students' diverse interests.

They may be part-time or full-time, for credits or not for credits, and are open to any qualifying degree seeking or visiting student. The positions are competitive and the entrepreneurs will have the final word on the selection. Students applying for these internships should expect a highly unstructured environment, with evolving responsibilities.

Enrolled students will have access to the full listing. To apply for published positions, students should send a resume and a carefully crafted cover letter, to [email protected]. Spring applications can be submitted from November 1 to February 28, Summer applications from March 1 to May 15, and Fall applications from June 1 to October 15. Early applications will enhance the choices available.

Positions offered

  • Content management and text editing
  • Customer acquisition and management
  • Event promotion and organization
  • Graphic designer
  • Journalism
  • Marketing assistant
  • Project management
  • Public relations
  • Research analyst
  • Scouting of innovative technologies
  • SEM trainee
  • Social media communication
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Social networking
  • Web marketing

Industries represented

  • 3D modeling
  • App development
  • Art galleries
  • Business consulting
  • Energy drinks
  • Fashion
  • Film and entertainment
  • Hotel booking
  • Mobile toys
  • Music
  • Professional networking associations
  • Publishing
  • Restaurant rating
  • Social innovation
  • Social networks
  • Specialized travel and tourism
  • Technology transfer specialists

Internships at the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship

The Institute has three open positions for internships, all of which represent an excellent opportunity for students with a strong interest in entrepreneurship. They will be able to witness first-hand the development of a non-profit organization from idea to implementation, network extensively with the Friends of the Institute and practice their communication and organizational skills. These internships are well-suited for students wishing to earn credits. 

Applications, with a resume and cover letter, must be submitted to [email protected], by October 15 for the Fall semester, by February 28 for the Spring semester and by May 15 for Summer term.

For further information contact the Institute for Entrepreneurship

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