Institute for Entrepreneurship


The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship provides students with the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, a Certificate in Social Innovation, a Certificate in Cultural Innovation, or a Certificate in Sustainability. The certificates are open to all students, from any major, whether they already have a business/entrepreneurial background or not. It is also open to students from the M.A. in Art History program and from the Continuing Education programs.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind that enables us to identify opportunity and to marshal the resources needed to go from idea to implementation. This transcends the specific objective of creating a new business and applies to any human endeavor. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship provides students with a taste of the entrepreneurial world early on in their careers. 

Social Innovation Certificate

Certificate in Social Innovation

The concept of social innovation is gaining momentum among academics and practitioners, becoming the new frontier of social and community development. The Certificate in Social Innovation offers students the possibility of observing social change through a holistic and academically transversal approach, while acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset and applying entrepreneurial skills.

Cultural Innovation Certificate

Certificate in Cultural Innovation

The Certificate in Cultural Innovation recognizes those students whose projects and activities benefit the arts, in all their multiplicity. Highlighting the cross-disciplinary skills that can be acquired at JCU, the certificate is intended for those students whose inventions can stimulate the arts from any number of perspectives. 

Sustainability Certificate

Certificate in Sustainability

Sustainability leadership has become a social, moral, and economic imperative transcending the boundaries of individual disciplines. The Certificate in Sustainability provides students with multiple opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the issue and to apply their knowledge and creativity to practical, impact-driven projects.  


Once all the requirements have been satisfied, students should request the certificate by completing the online application form. Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements within one semester. The deadline to apply is two weeks prior to the end of the Fall or Spring semester.

Please send any questions to [email protected]