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Faculty-Led Programs During Summer Sessions

John Cabot University welcomes Faculty-led programs to our summer sessions as part of building an international community of scholars and students in Rome.

A Faculty-led program has a very simple structure:

  • Faculty bring their students to JCU for a summer session and JCU provides classroom facilities for the course. Your students are registered at your university, pay your university tuition, and receive your own university's transcripts.
  • Your students also register for one of JCU's many 3-credit summer courses.

This structure provides your program with: housing, airport pick-up, resident assistance, trips, social and cultural activities, use of JCU facilities including computer labs, a WiFi campus, access to The Frohring Library, administrative assistance with visas and the declaration of presence in Italy, and 24/7 emergency assistance, while allowing you to tailor your own study abroad program to fit your own university's goals.

A faculty-led program has the administrative and community structure of an American university. By belonging to the JCU summer community you have the advantage of our deep ties to the local community, which provides information and networks that create an even more satisfying experience for both students and faculty.

Visiting faculty enjoy being part of JCU's summer community of scholars. Our welcome dinners on JCU's terrazzo, combined with our common faculty room, allow you to make contacts that can contribute to your own professional development as well as personal enjoyment while in Rome.

JCU Faculty-led programs come with a tuition discount, resulting in an outstanding educational value for your students. For more information, contact [email protected].