Safety and Health Alerts

Safety and Health Alerts

JCU Community Health and Wellness Best Practices: Flu Season and Coronavirus

For current information on U.S. health and safety alerts

Important Safety Measures for the JCU Community 

Please keep your JCU ID on you at all times, as well as a photocopy of your passport and permit to stay (permesso di soggiorno). Keep the last two originals in a safe place at home. Emergency numbers are on the back of your student ID card and should be used only in case of emergencies.

Please consider enrolling in a Safe Travelers Program through your home country’s embassy. For example, for students from the United States, the U.S. Department of State hosts STEP (Safe Travelers Enrollment Program). Many other countries host similar programs. Please check your embassy’s website for more information.

Avoid, at present, any large gatherings of people, such as concerts, major sporting events or demonstrations. When you go out in the evening, always go with friends or in groups and let people know where you are.

If you are experiencing ongoing worry and concern about your safety, please reach out to the Dean of Students Office or the Dean of Academics Office. If you feel that speaking to a counselor would be helpful, find more information on our Counseling Services.

Stay in regular telephone or e-mail contact with your family and friends, as the media may magnify reports and create unnecessary worry.

If you are not sure we have your correct phone number and email contact it is essential that you provide your correct information by emailing the registrar.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times, reporting anything suspicious to University authorities and/or the Police.

In case of further emergencies, STAY AT HOME and off the streets. Follow the updates on the JCU home page and expect to hear from us by email and text.

Keep abreast of the news and use common sense and good judgment in all situations—trust your instincts when it comes to safety issues and take no risks.  

Emergency Communications Protocol

JCU has a 24/7 Emergency Administrative Phone number that you can find on the back of your JCU ID card which you should save on your cell phone. 

In the event of an emergency on our campuses or in the city of Rome, JCU communicates to all students, faculty, and staff via postings on social media such as Facebook and Twitter along with a message on our website’s home page. We will also send emails and SMS to the community, including many of the home universities and study abroad providers who work with us. These communications would provide you with information and other directed actions depending on the situation. 

We also rely on you to communicate to your loved ones directly of your own safety as well as those of others.

As in any city, the public safety services should be called when immediate attention is required.

Emergency Contacts for Italy

Need help? 112 is the European emergency phone number, available everywhere in the EU, free of charge. The following emergency numbers are also available, and you may dial them directly.

USA Embassy : 06-467-41 (from within Italy)
(Via Veneto, 119) 011-39-06-467-41 (from the U.S.).
Police: 113
Ambulance: 118
Fire: 115

You should enter these numbers in your contact list on your cell phone and carry them with you at all times. 

The most updated information on country specific security situations can be found on the U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Consular Affairs website.

We encourage all JCU community members to consult this site, as necessary.

Victims of Crime and Police Reports

John Cabot University is committed to ensuring the safety of our students, to the best of our ability. As a Foreign Institution, we are exempt from the Clery Act and Title IX reporting requirements. However, we work closely with our American partner-schools in support of their Clery and Title IX compliance efforts.

Students are encouraged to report knowledge of any on-campus criminal activity or safety concerns by emailing the Dean of Students. A student may also come to the Office of Health and Wellbeing (located in the Gianicolo Residence building) to speak with a staff member.

JCU students may also receive assistance in filing a local police report from the Office of Health and Wellbeing, Students Services and/or Office of Housing and Residential Life.