Institute of Future and Innovation Studies

Institute of Future and Innovation Studies


The Institute of Future and Innovation Studies promotes international collaboration, transdisciplinary research, and dialogue on emerging and future innovations of high societal relevance and impact in a variety of domains: scientific, technological, economic, environmental, cultural, and social. The Institute, through its research activities promoting critical evidence-based public debate, aspires to influence accountability and good governance in these areas.

Founding Director: Francesco Lapenta, Ph.D.


The Institute aspires to be an active transdisciplinary agent and key stakeholder in shaping the good governance of critical emerging innovations, and their public debate. It does this by way of its networks, through collaborations with universities, other institutions, industry, and independent actors worldwide. And with its organized activities, that include public debates, articles, seminars, lectures, and conferences, as well as the Institute's active participation in international and national experts’ programs, and governmental and independent fora and initiatives.

The Institute cherishes both its international tradition and outlook, and its open, inclusive, and transdisciplinary identity; and it upholds the ideal of the greater value of the common good.


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Francesco Lapenta
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