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Community Service Program


The Community Service Program’s slogan is: “I C-A-R-E!” which stands for the core values that we strive to implement: Community, Awareness, Respect and Empowerment. The Program offers many different service opportunities throughout the semester and also gives students the possibility to be awarded with an official Certificate of Participation for volunteering with our affiliated associations.

Mission and Goals

The Community Service Program’s objective is to build a caring community that is aware and respectful of the diverse realities that surround us. The Program is based on learning from these differences, and aims to enforce a give and take process: it seeks to empower the local Community by helping out in every possible way, but also aspires for students to be empowered through the volunteering opportunities.


  • Increase students’ personal development and civic engagement
  • Nurture a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship
  • Increase understanding of the issues pertinent to the institutions with whom they work
  • Integrate students in the Roman Community, as well as giving back to the locals that host JCU’s international student body


The Service Cord is a recognition of a student’s outstanding contribution to the field of Community Service. Graduating seniors who have extensively volunteered, going above and beyond the call of duty in the community, while upholding the spirit of the JCU mission, are awarded this cord.


  • The student must have completed requirements for the Community Service Certificate
  • The student must have completed over 65 hours of unpaid volunteering work through the Community Service Program during their time at John Cabot University


The Community Service Program gives students the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Participation they can include on their international resume. This certificate recognizes an individual’s dedication to volunteer work while at John Cabot University.


  • Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours throughout the semester with one or more of the organizations that JCU is affiliated with
  • Attend at least two Classroom Experiences (lectures, seminars and workshops regarding the humanitarian field

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 Community Service Program


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