Community Service

High School Outreach Program

During your time at JCU, you have the unique opportunity to volunteer a small amount of your time to go directly into an Italian High School 'Liceo' classroom and meet with Italian High School students of English and their teacher. Enriching your international experience at JCU, you meet with people in their context and better understand what it means to live and study in Rome. Likewise, you give these students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of you, your country and your culture that goes well beyond what they might read in a textbook or see in a film. These students might one day be your colleague or counterpart in your professional life. It's worth getting to know them today!

Completely in English, your discussions with students will focus on a topic of your choice which can include personal interests, current events as well as specific topics suggested by the hosting teacher. While this is not a language tutoring or teaching program, it gives you the chance to volunteer your time to help students not much younger than you to practice their language skills while learning about you, your lifestyle and your ideas. In turn, you will learn about them and their experience growing up in Italy.

It's easy to do. Just contact the program coordinator, Ms. Gina Marie Spinelli, at [email protected], communicating your availability and we will schedule a meeting for you. To earn your Certificate of Participation at the end of the semester, you must go on at least 6 scheduled visits. Of course, you are welcome to go as many times as you like! Schools are located all around Rome and nearby cities, so the time it takes for you to reach the school varies.

Since Outreach Exchange visits are organized on a case-by-case basis, the opportunities are fewer than those presented to students within the context of the Italy Reads program. The only difference between these two programs is the work of American literature that is selected each year as the point of departure for an array of cultural exchange activities.

We strongly encourage you to consider becoming an Italy Reads Volunteer as the opportunities to get involved are greater. Activities start from a selected novel and develop from there!

Please take a look at the Italy Reads website and how to become a volunteer. The program is varied and enriching for all.