Community Service

Community Service Code of Behavior

All John Cabot University students are responsible for upholding standards of conduct detailed in the Student Handbook, within the University as well as within the local community.


The following rules of basic etiquette are expected of students for all Community Service initiatives:

a. Signup via email, in advance and within business hours, for the Community Service experience of your choice
b. Do not arrive late to the meeting point of the service opportunity
c. Do not take audio, photos or videos at Community Service sites
d. Do not leave a Community Service site, in the absence of an emergency or prior permission
e. Always refer to the group leader for task assignment, safety protocols and support
f. Always be mindful and respectful of other volunteers, partner organizations and guests/ patients/ communities
g. Serve as a positive representative of John Cabot University


Intentionally or recklessly damaging, vandalizing, destroying, or tampering with University property, property of other persons, or partner organization is prohibited.


All students must carry a John Cabot University Student ID and present it when requested by any official of the University, including members of the faculty, staff, and security guards.


Dangerous weapons or materials of any kind, such as (but not limited to) firearms, martial arts weapons, knives, explosive devices, fireworks, ammunition, chemicals, or any item deemed to be dangerous by University Officials are not allowed on University premises and Community Service sites.


JCU students are expected to contribute to an expectation of mutual respect with all site participants. Students should make their supervisor aware of any concerns immediately so as to not jeopardize anyone's wellbeing during an event. JCU will not tolerate an atmosphere of disrespect or hostility.


Any act of physical violence or any act that causes personal injury to another person is strictly prohibited.