Service Learning

Service Learning - Combining Fieldwork and Education for the Humanitarian Field

JCU Service Learning - Combining Fieldwork and Education- promotes co-curricular activities for students and graduates interested in working in the humanitarian field; it has been conceived as a resource to prepare them for a life of civic engagement, enhancing their career development by connecting educational goals with service to those in need.

JCU Service Learning also aims at supporting projects that go towards the development of vulnerable areas in Rome, such as the Tiburtino III district, where we operate in partnership with the Italian Red Cross. The Service Learning Project has been developed by the JCU Center for Career Services, in collaboration with the Dean’s Office and the JCU Community Service Program.

What it is

An internship with a significant fieldwork component at a humanitarian organization. The Service Learning project will include tutoring and orientation, and also seminars, lectures, workshops that the students will be required to attend. When possible, students will be encouraged to extend their commitment for at least two semesters, to build a stronger fieldwork experience.

Who is eligible

Current John Cabot University students in good academic standing, both degree seeking and visiting students, as well as JCU graduates.

Where it is located

Currently, most of our Service Learning opportunities are located in Rome. 

What you will be doing

John Cabot University collaborates with organizations that operate in diverse fields, ranging from support to the migrant population, to mental and physical disabilities. Participants in the Service Learning project will assist these organizations with the everyday delivery of services, as well as in the development and administration of their projects.

Please check our partner organizations and receive a sample of our internship fieldwork offers by contacting [email protected].

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