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December 2020



Stefania Lafico

HR Manager at Yocabè

"JCU students have always demonstrated a proactive and positive attitude, working effectively with the team and being able to adapt to a very challenging work environment."

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REDD logo

Alessio Toccarelli

CEO and Founder of REDD (Real Estate Documents & Data)

"The selected candidate immediately proved to be able to work in team and showed excellent knowledge of financial subjects."

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Logo Bignami

Enrico Maria Bignami

Founder and CEO at Bignami Associati

"Those who graduate from JCU have great awareness and the ability to approach the world of work with determination and confidence."

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 July - November 2020



Mariateresa Surianello

President of Associazione Culturale
Director of the prizes

"In spite of social distancing, which we are forced to maintain because of Covid-19, the students work daily with an extraordinary dedication to the project."

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Andrea Ciancarelli

Founder & CEO at restore

"JCU students have the ability to overturn completely those classical viewpoints on which us, entrepreneurs, entrench ourselves." 

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Vanalize logo

Dimitri Visnadi

Founder & Data Scientist at Vanalize

"Vanalize is a company in its first year and required some strategical and hands-on support. JCU provided us with two very talented students, who drafted a marketing strategy and implemented a company blog on our website." 

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I-Sport Travel

Shazia Naqui Carfagna

Founder and CEO at I-Sport Travel

"From the start-up phase of our company to date, JCU interns are an absolute asset: They contributed actively from creating the website content to presentations for potential clients and suppliers, proving ability to put into practice the in-class theory."

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