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Alberto Garcia Gomez
Director of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Roma
December, 2018

"We started collaborating with the Career Service Center, thanks to one of John Cabot University's alumni, Serena Montefusco. It has been a year now that we have strengthened our collaboration with the Career Service Center. Thanks to their constant commitment, students have the possibility to increase their professional skills in an international and multicultural environment, such as the UNESCO Chair. It is enlightening how much we can learn and benefit from these students. We found all of them were well prepared, multilingual and ready to accept the challenges of the working place. We are very happy and we wish that our collaboration with the Career Service Center, that always guided us in choosing the best, will last over time."

Cristina Antal
Co-founder and Project Manager at Ancient & Recent tour operator
November, 2018

"The collaboration with John Cabot University's students has brought significant benefits to our technological Tour Operator, thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Career Service Center for its students.
The students we selected to be part of our staff are endowed with great reliability, scientific preparation, high-level multilingual knowledge, motivation, and will to learn.
Thanks to the synergies born from the aforementioned collaboration, our Tour Operator has been awarded several 5-star-excellence certificates.
A very special thanks to the Career Service Center, which always responds to our needs with targeted solutions and maximum efficiency. Moreover, we thank the students who contribute every day to the growth of our business."

Gianni Profita
President of UniCamillus (Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences)
October, 2018

"UniCamillus is an international university of Health and Medical Sciences, open to students from all over the world, just like John Cabot University. We have found in John Cabot University not only affinity of vision, but also a precious ally to continue to work on a dynamic and innovative educational project. Our aim is to provide our students with the best quality courses and practical skills to face today's world and job market. This is also confirmed by our experience in recruiting young graduates from John Cabot University through the excellent mediation of the university's Center for Career Services. We have found outstanding employees, who have become essential to our staff because of their ability to understand our organizational problems and to be efficiently committed. Furthermore, they showed competence in areas such as Marketing and Business Administration since the beginning of their experience. This not only thanks to their soft skills, but also thanks to their educational path at John Cabot University. Their preparation allowed them to feel comfortable in our organization, where, just like at JCU, commitment, operability and the educational mission are everything that matters."

Rocío Manrique
Co-Founder & CEO
June, 2018

"Our collaboration with John Cabot University stems from the need for an exchange of knowledge. OCOCO has the opportunity to interface with young people of different nationalities and cultures, seeing our company through their eyes. At the same time, the students of John Cabot University get the opportunity to work directly with the clients of OCOCO applying their skills and knowledge, and, above all, testing their emotional capability to solve problems or propose new ideas. All this is made possible thanks to the initiative of the John Cabot University, which acts as a bridge between students and OCOCO."

Alberto Mattia
CEO at Panta Ray
February, 2018

"Our collaboration with John Cabot University started in early 2017, when we were looking for a professional to join our company as a consultant. The Center for Career Services proved to be very reliable and effective throughout the research and selection process. We had the luck to meet and talk to many young motivated and competent graduates. We finally hired a talented professional, who successfully fit into the organization and is today a key element of our team.
Following this first success, the Center for Career Services gave us the opportunity to deliver a presentation of our company and our work to a group of very interested and brilliant students.
We hope – and strongly believe so – our collaboration will continue as successfully over the following years."

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