Center for Career Services

Company Testimonials

EBC Events


Founder at EBC Events

"We recently found out that John Cabot University’s Center for Career Services provides students and alumni with interesting internship opportunities. All the interns we hired are skilled, full of interests, fluent in multiple languages, and willing to offer their expertise to our company. They have been of great help to us, from social media management to assisting in event planning."

Does Matter Agency

Simona Gangemi

CEO and Resource Manager at Does Matter Agency

"A few years ago, we started a collaboration with JCU and its marketing students. Upon becoming part of our staff, students are assigned a group of clients, for whom they manage digital communication through social media and websites. Some of the students already have experience in this field, others have to deepen their knowledge in order to work independently and carry out the tasks assigned. JCU remains our reference point for its commitment to introduce recent graduates to the world of work."




Irene Jin

CMO & Co-Founder at Jungler

"Our two JCU interns have proved to be extremely prepared as well as motivated and passionate about digital and influencer marketing. Even if very young, we are also extremely satisfied with their ability to approach a workplace that bases its strength on teamworking, professionality, and dynamicity. They contribute actively to the growth of our company bringing their knowledge and determination in every task."



Lieutenant Colonel Pierpaolo Sinconi

Head of Research Office at CoESPU (Carabinieri’s Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units)

"In 2021, five JCU students attended the CoESPU (Carabinieri’s Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units) internship program. The internship fosters collaboration between students and carabinieri, the independent branch of the Italian armed forces. JCU and CoESPU share similar values, such as their international scope and perspective, as well as a special relationship with the United States. This, together with the students’ proactivity, engagement, and outstanding competences, promoted partnership and mutual understanding between CoESPU and JCU."




Elena Gervasio

Chief Commercial Officer at Eggup srl

"We are extremely happy and satisfied with our collaboration with JCU. We are currently hosting our fourth JCU intern and all the students we have had in the past three years have been great examples of hard work and professionalism. Last year, we hired a JCU student after her internship with us. Francesca has been a great addition to our team with her organizational skills, her strong background in organizational psychology, and her high sense of duty. We would also like to thank the Career Services team for their support, as they have always been impeccable."




Ok Productions

Ornella Fado

Executive Producer and Hostess at Brindiamo! Channel on Samsung TV PLUS Italy & Brindiamo! TV -NYC LIFE 

"When, last October 2020, I launched a linear channel for 'Samsung TV PLUS Italy' called 'Brindiamo! Channel', it was essential for my Production company to have individuals with an international flair that would be fluent in Italian and English. The JCU students are everything I was looking for in my Production company: they are smart, speak multiple languages, and have the drive to succeed. I am looking forward to more collaboration with JCU's students, confident that the OK Productions LLC will find the perfect candidate for future projects."



Stefania Lafico

HR Manager at Yocabè

"JCU students have shown great analytical skills and excellent knowledge of English. They have been involved in several areas including marketing, business development, and web content creation. They have always demonstrated a proactive and positive attitude, working effectively with the team and being able to adapt to a very challenging work environment. A special thanks to the Career Services team, who has always provided us with rapid and effective support.”

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