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Teach for Italy

Andrea Pastorelli

Chief Executive Officer at Teach For Italy
December, 2019

"Working with the Center for Career Services at John Cabot has allowed Teach For Italy to leverage the many resources of John Cabot, especially in the first year of existence for the organization." Read Andrea Pastorelli's testimonial



Gianfrancesco Rizzuti

Head of Communication and Institutional Relations at FeBAF
September, 2019

"Their enthusiasm and knowledge of English were an added value for us to develop our initiatives and the organization of our events, especially the international ones." Read Gianfrancesco Rizzuti's testimonial

IPS Inter Press Service

Walter Garcia

Chief Operations Officer at IPS (Inter Press Service)
September, 2019

"JCU interns have always shown great interest in our work, they have been extremely enthusiastic about sustainable development issues and never discouraged by the challenges." Read Walter Garcia's testimonial


Federica Beni

HR Recruitment, L&D and Quality Manager at Europcar Mobility Group Italy
September, 2019

"JCU provides us with valid interns, who demonstrate to embed characteristics in line with the needs of our Company: curiosity, open-minded approach and desire to learn." Read Federica Beni's testimonial


Maria Chiara Pavarani

Recruiter at Caffeina Spa
September, 2019

"All JCU students have some common characteristics: they are curious, willing to challenge themselves, and healthily ambitious in their professional goals." Read Maria Chiara Pavarani's testimonial

Ride logo

Claudia Sosai

Assistant Coordinator
Head of the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation ALF
(Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue RIDE-APS)

September, 2019

"We found in John Cabot University a great partner that has provided us with curious, dynamic and enthusiast interns." Read Claudia Sosai's testimonial

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