Center for Career Services

Career Services for Alumni

JCU’s Center for Career Services provides career services, events, resources, and networking opportunities to assist JCU Alumni in all phases of their professional career development.

The center offers several services to the Alumni, including the 3 Career Fairs a year to which all graduates are welcome to participate. The other services include:


Career Planning
The Center offers counseling and support for professional development to JCU Alumni in all phases of their career. Throughout the semester, a variety of seminars, workshops and events as orientation to the job market, is offered. Examples are “How to Write a CV, Resume, and Cover Letter”, “How to Prepare for an Interview”, “How to Use Social Media in a Professional Manner” and “How to Create a LinkedIn Profile”. All the events are open to JCU Alumni: check the complete calendar and sign up at [email protected].

CV Book
At the end of every Spring and Fall semester, we collect the resume/cv of the expected graduates (upon receiving their authorization) to create a book that we then circulate to our partner companies in need of candidates.

Jobs of the Day Newsletter
Alumni who are part of the network, will be receiving a daily newsletter with full-time internship and job opportunities from our partner companies and organizations in Italy and abroad. Please be aware that, according to Italian law, graduates are only eligible to apply for an internship within 12 months from their graduation date.


Lorenza Di Cesare

Lorenza di Cesare

Kevin Kakeu

Kevin Kakeu

Eleonora Costantini

Eleonora Costantini

Alumna Paola Scotto di Frega's Testimonial


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Center for Career Services

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