Institute for Entrepreneurship

Institute for Entrepreneurship in Rome

The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship provides a world-class entrepreneurial education, instilling a strong sense of social responsibility, and building an international network of researchers, practitioners, and leading innovation hubs.


20+ real entrepreneurs in the classroom per semester: our close relationship with the leading players in the Roman startup scene allows us to bring young entrepreneurs to share their experience with our classroom in real time.

Entrepreneurial courses: the Institute is committed to fostering formal learning in the realm of entrepreneurship, through 10+ entrepreneurial courses.

Site visits: the Institute organizes at least 1 site visit per semester to some of Rome's leading examples of entrepreneurial excellence.


Develop your business idea and launch a company before you graduate: our unique Minor in Entrepreneurship allows students to select the courses they need to satisfy their entrepreneurial ambitions; students are followed individually by the Director of the Institute as well as their Advisor and their professors. The program is tailored to the individual interests of each student.

A taste of Entrepreneurship: the Certificate in Entrepreneurship provides students with a taste of the entrepreneurial world early on in their careers. The Certificate is open to all degree seeking and visiting students, from any major, whether they already have a business/entrepreneurial background or not.

Library Entrepreneurship collection: a dedicated section with books, articles, videos and other material for entrepreneurs.


Learn-Do-Share: the initiative that brings real companies and real problems into the classroom, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. The Learn-Do-Share family includes: website, logo and brochure design, international marketing plan, market research and others.

Hands-on experience: internships offered by a growing network of startups are a unique opportunity for students to have a first-hand taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur – the pace, the obstacles, the skills needed, and the adrenaline involved.


Participation in the Elevator Pitch Competition: now a signature event, the Elevator Pitch Competition allows students to perfect their skills in persuasive argument in the toughest of formats – the one-minute, no visual aids presentation to a panel of demanding jurors. The Pitch is supported by workshops provided by the Institute, by professors who make it a mandatory part of their courses and by practice sessions organized by SpeakUp.

Italy Pitches: a national, English-language pitching competition for Italian high-school students. Participating students will select a non profit organization, study it and create a pitch to convince the audience to donate to its cause.

2 Workshops per semesterexperts share their knowledge and skills in practical, hands-on workshops that have a strong applicative component.


Mentors for Growth: a collaborative community of innovative leaders who take JCU students and recent alumni under their wings, providing advice and direction as students bring their ideas to fruition.

Business Plan Evaluation:  the Institute assist students and alumni in preparing their business plan and suggests current competitions where they can propose their ideas.

Connectingthe Institute matches companies and people in its network to foster idea development and problem solving.