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Your international voyage will help others on theirs.

Students from all member schools of the Association of American College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI) study abroad programs are welcome to join JCU students and become JCU Italy Reads Volunteer Mentors! 

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Italy Reads is John Cabot University's community-based English language reading and cultural exchange program that collaborates with 200 Italian high school teachers from over 60 high schools across Italy. Each year, one classic work of American literature is selected to read together.

Register to become an Italy Reads Volunteer.  

Read the book and about it and the author. Go to Resources for Teachers and find out more. 

*This program is suitable for ALL majors.

What you will do

  • Receive training and meet other Italy Reads Volunteers. (Once you register, you will receive notification of the meetings).
  • Meet with Italian high school students online or at the high schools. (You tell us your availability and we schedule discussion sessions with other volunteers and high school students.)
  • Discuss the work of literature, the historical and social context of the author and the story, etc.... all in English!

During the fall semester, volunteers also assist Italian students in producing a short English-language video on the work of literature as part of our Italy Reads Student Video Contest.

The minimum time commitment expected is about 6 hours during the semester – you are always welcome to do more!

  • Become more integrated into the Italian community.
  • Have the opportunity to consider your own country and its history from within an international context.
  • Experience how foreigners interpret American culture.
  • You'll meet Italians and form friendships that we hope will follow you through your life's travels.

All volunteers who successfully fulfill the requirements of the program receive a certificate of recognition from John Cabot University to include on their international resumes.


An Italy Reads volunteer is fluent in English and enrolled at JCU or at an AACUPI study abroad program. Study abroad students are ideal volunteers. The curiosity and initiative that brought you to JCU will be welcomed by the students and teachers you will meet. Students of all majors enjoy participating in the program for the added value it gives to the experience of studying at an American university in Rome.

The students and teachers you will meet share your interest in literature, history,  getting to know people from other cultures, and they're anxious to practice their English.   

Italy Reads provides you with international service learning experience. Certificates of completion are awarded to those students who fulfill the requirements of the program and visits, and your participation in Italy Reads is recognized toward a Community Service Certificate.

Become part of a growing initiative. Become an Italy Reads Volunteer.

Questions: write to [email protected]