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Italy Reads Announces Contest Winners

High School teachers, students and special guests gathered together (online) to celebrate the enthusiasm and creativity resulting from a year of reading, discussing, and enjoying this work of American literature. Of the 31 short videos received from students at 14 schools across Italy, 7 were selected to receive formal recognition. At the ceremony, these seven videos were enjoyed, and the awards were announced.

Among the 130 attendees of the Award Ceremony, we were honored to welcome James Demby, son of Beetlecreek’s author William Demby, James Hall, Dean of University Studies and Executive Director of SOIS, Academic Affairs at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Gaby Ford, Creative Director of The English Theatre of Rome. Both James Demby and James Hall had already met many of the students and teachers present at the interviews students conducted with them in November as part of the Interview and Newsletter Production project for Italy Reads. Gaby Ford is busy finalizing the production of Beetlecreek for the Italy Reads Theatre. The theatrical production is made with the permission of the University Press of Mississippi.

1st Place (500 Euro) was awarded to "Beetlecreek" Chess, by students of Prof. Neda Tempera, IIS "Torricelli," Rome
2nd Place (300 Euro) was awarded to The Colours of Friendship, by students of Prof. Elisabetta Ranieri, Liceo Scientifico "Morgagni," Rome
Honorable Mention for Originality of Concept was awarded to Be-socialcreek, by students of Prof. Maria Bellucci, IIS Torricelli, Rome
Honorable Mention for Video Technical Quality was awarded to A Desire for Change, by students of Prof. Anne-Marie Peduto, IIS B. Pascal, Pomezia
Honorable Mention for Creative Reinterpretation was awarded to Sinking in Memories, by students of Prof. Annamaria Sartori, IIS "Croce Aleramo," Rome
Honorable Mention for Research on Social Issues was awarded to Women's Discrimination at Work, by students of Prof. Loredana Quinto, IMS "Giordano Bruno," Rome

Each year, the panel of judges must make the difficult decision of selecting just a few of the many excellent works of creativity that reflect considerable time and effort on the part of the students as well as the teachers. We hope that all participants found their experience with Italy Reads engaging and enlightening, regardless of the award.

Entering the Contest

High School students are encouraged to produce videos (3-minutes duration) that are inspired by the work of American literature selected as the focus of the current year's Italy Reads. Recurring themes and motifs found in literature provide a wealth of inspiration for the creativity of students. All participants involved in all aspects of a video that is submitted to this contest must be enrolled in the same high school.

Be creative! These videos can include original music videos, a dramatized scene from the text, a documentary considering the life and historical context of the author, or an impressionistic video in response to one of the themes are just a few ideas. For useful insight into making your video, take a look at this video produced for Italy Reads by JCU professor Brian Thomson "Ignite Your Adaptation".

Preparing your video submission

  • Online resources - To further the educational value of this project, Italy Reads offers an online Video Production Tutorial (The Essential Guide to Video-Making) to registered participants. Students are also invited to explore the resource and video tutorials available online. Take a look at the JCU Digital Media Lab page, too.
  • Peer-to-peer development of ideas - JCU students often meet with high school students to engage in discussions that help reach a greater understanding of the themes of the text and how to transfer that understanding into a video.

There can be no violation of copyright in the videos. Students are very strongly encouraged to consult documents like Bound By Law ©2006 Keith Aoki, James Boyle, Jennifer Jones for more information on how to respect intellectual property rights.

Contest Rules

Video entries must be up to 3 minutes in duration and uploaded and made available to the general public on YouTube, Vimeo or other social media platforms. The link to this video is included in the mandatory Italy Reads Video Contest Submission Form. Please delegate ONE Student Representative for each video to send the submission. Students should not send duplicate submissions for the same video. There is no limit to the number of unique videos a class can submit. Each video must be submitted using the Submission Form.

Deadline to submit a video: 7 February (formerly 24 January)

Participation in the Student Video Contest constitutes acceptance, also by parental authorities of participating minors, of the terms authorizing John Cabot University to use the video and photos taken at the events. Fill in the Disclaimer/Liberatoria.

Criteria and Prizes
The panel of judges (JCU professors and qualified alumni) will select the winning video based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic interpretation of theme
  • Acting ability of those appearing in video (if the video includes actors)
  • Creativity in direction of the video
  • Originality of interpretation
  • Costumes and make-up (if used in the video)
  • Lighting
  • Quality of video recording
  • Quality of audio

Two awards, for the amount of 500 Euros and 300 Euros, will be given to the classes whose videos have been determined to best satisfy the above-listed criteria. Honorable Mention will be given to other categories as deemed appropriate by the panel of judges. Prize money must be spent on a project or activity chosen by the class as a group and approved by their Italy Reads participating teacher. The prize funds will be provided as reimbursement of receipts.

Awarded funds must be claimed by 15 June. How to claim your award.

Write to [email protected] for further information.

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