Study Abroad for JCU Students

Study Abroad Programs for JCU Degree-Seeking Students

Going Global

Study abroad students from around the world come to visit John Cabot University for a semester or even a year. In turn, JCU also offers its degree-seeking students the opportunity to study at universities in the United States as well as several international locations. This enriching opportunity contributes to educational growth and cultural awareness in general and helps prepare students for careers in international fields. We call the program Going Global.

There are two different paths to choose from when considering Going Global:

JCU Direct Exchange Programs

Pay JCU tuition and keep your existing scholarships and/or financial aid and attend a partner university in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, or Africa. Find out more about JCU direct exchange programs.

Independent Study Abroad

JCU students may apply directly to a study abroad program at any regionally accredited American university or any national university that is recognized by that country's higher education authority. Learn more about independent study abroad for degree students.


Students who would like to spend a semester at a university in the United States (who are not US citizens or permanent residents) must apply for a study visa. Please consult the links below to find out more about the application process, as well as the kinds of documentation required.

If you have any questions about applying for the study visa, please contact the American Embassy directly.