Department of History and Humanities

History and Humanities Faculty Members

Chair of the Department

Luca de Caprariis 2000
Professor of History
Laurea, University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, 1988
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1998
Email: [email protected]


Brunella Antomarini 1998
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Laurea, University of Macerata, 1977
Laurea, University of Urbino, 1985
Dottorato di Ricerca, Gregoriana University, Rome, 2003
Email: [email protected]

Tom Bailey 2007
Associate Professor of Philosophy
B.A., University of Oxford, 1996
M.A., University of Warwick, 1998
Ph.D., University of Warwick, 2003
Email: [email protected]

Benedetta Bessi 2006
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Classics
B.A., University of Florence, 1994
Specialization in Archaeology, Italian Archaeological School of Athens, 1998
Dottorato di Ricerca., University of Messina, 2002
Email: [email protected]

Massimo Betello 2012
Lecturer in Classics
Laurea Magistrale, University "Ca' Foscari" of Venice
Ph.D. candidate, University of Buffalo
Email: [email protected]

Fabrizio Conti 2016
Lecturer in History
Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 2001
Ph.D., Central European University, Budapest, 2011
Email: [email protected]

Thomas Govero 2003
Lecturer in Classics
B.A., St. Louis University, 1962
M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1972
Email: [email protected]

Andrea Lanzone 2003
Adjunct Assistant Professor of History and Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs
Laurea, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 1994
Ph.D., Essex University, 2001
Email: [email protected]

David Levy 2012
Lecturer in Philosophy
B.A., University of Chicago, 1992
Dottorato di Ricerca, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 2012
Email: [email protected]

Gene E. Ogle 2002
Associate Professor of History
B.A., Texas Tech University, 1993
M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1999
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2003
Email: [email protected]

Danica Pušić 2011
Adjunct Lecturer in Classics
B.A., University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2005
Laurea magistrale, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 2006
Ph.D. candidate, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
Email: [email protected]

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner 2016
Associate Professor of Philosophy
B.A., King's College/University of London, 1997
M.A., University of Durham, UK, 1998
Dr. phil., University of Jena, Germany, 2009
Email: [email protected]

Vanda Wilcox 2008
Adjunct Assistant Professor of History
B.A., University of Oxford, 2000
M.St., University of Oxford, 2002
D.Phil., University of Oxford, 2006
Email: [email protected]

Luca de Caprariis

Luca de Caprariis

Professor of History

Laurea, University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, 1988
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1998
Email: [email protected]

Research interest

Modern Europe, in particular the totalitarian and authoritarian movements and regimes of the inter-war period. The modern historical experience of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. 

Selected Publications
“Was Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War Decisive?” “Should the Western Democracies have intervened to save the Spanish Republic?” in History in Dispute: The Spanish Civil War, Daniel Kowalsky, Kenneth Estes eds., (London: Saint James Press, 2005).

"I Fasci Italiani all' Estero" in I Fasci all' Estero, Emilio Franzina, Mario Sanfilippo eds., (Bari: Laterza, 2003).

"Fascism for Export? The Rise and Eclipse of the Fasci Italiani all' Estero," Journal of Contemporary History, 35 (April 2000): 151-183.

"Appunti sulla storiografia sulla destra spagnola nella Seconda Repubblica (Notes on the Spanish Right during the Second Republic)," Storia Contemporanea 24 (February 1993): 130-146.

"Alcuni aspetti della politica estera dei socialisti alla fine dell' ottocento (The Socialist Party and Italian Foreign Policy at the End of the Nineteenth Century)," Rassegna Storica del Risorgimento 74 (April-June 1987): 188-228.