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Summer Session I 2020 (Click on course code to access syllabus; If code is not clickable, the syllabus is not yet available.)

AH 372 Special Topics in Early Modern Art: Bernini and Borromini (Prerequisite: One previous course in Art History or permission of the instructor) Laura FosterRemote Learning
AS 110 Drawing - Rome Sketchbook James GardnerRemote Learning
BUS 301 Business Ethics (Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Annette Merle BrysonRemote Learning
BUS 330 International Business (Prerequisites: Junior Standing, EC 202; Recommended: MKT 301) Ieva Jakobsone BellomiRemote Learning
BUS 342 Leadership, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence Gina Siddu PiliaRemote Learning
BUS/EC 336 NEW! Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing) Alina SorgnerRemote Learning
CL 278 Literature and Society in Ancient Rome (Prerequisite: EN 110 with a grade of C or above) Massimo Betello Remote Learning
CMS 360 Race and Gender in Popular Media (Prerequisite: COM 220) Peter SarramRemote Learning
COM 101 Public Speaking: Oral Rhetoric and Persuasion Carolina De LucaRemote Learning
COM 111 Introduction to Visual Communication Marco Fulvio PalmieriRemote Learning
COM 230 Foundations of Digital Video Production Marco FerrariRemote Learning
CS 110 Computer Office Applications Marco ScaramastraRemote Learning
DJRN 329 NEW! Fashion Journalism (Prerequisite: EN 110 with a grade of C or above) Giulia RossiRemote Learning
DMA 322 Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement Kwame PhillipsRemote Learning
EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics (Prerequisite: MA 100 or MA 101; Recommended: EN 105) Yasmina Rim LimamRemote Learning
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: MA 100 or MA 101; Recommended: EN 105) Mary MervaRemote Learning
EC 316 International Economics (Prerequisites: Junior Standing, EC 201, EC 202) Alessandro AntonelliRemote Learning
EN 110 Advanced Composition (Prerequisite: Placement via JCU English Composition Placement Exam or completion of either EN 103 or EN 105 with a grade of C or above) James TeasdaleRemote Learning
EN 200 Introduction to Literature (Prerequisite: EN 110 with a grade of C or above) Lewis Samuel KlausnerRemote Learning
FIN 201 Financial Accounting Barbara Sveva Magnanelli Remote Learning
FIN 202 Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite: FIN 201) Silvia PulinoRemote Learning
FIN 301 Finance (Prerequisites: FIN 201, FIN 202, EC 202, MA 208) Sathya MellinaRemote Learning
GRK 101 Elementary Greek I Thomas GoveroRemote Learning
HM 460 Research and Writing in the Humanities (Prerequisite: Senior Standing or Permission of the student's Advisor and Department) Annette Merle BrysonRemote Learning
HS 211 Twentieth-Century Europe and the World (Recommended: HS 210) Niccolò SerriRemote Learning
HS 368 The Other America: History of the Counterculture in the US (Prerequisite: Junior Standing; Corequisite: EN 110) Andrea LanzoneRemote Learning
IT 101 Introductory Italian I (This course carries 4 semester hours of credit, except for Summer sessions, when it carries 3 semester hours of credit.) Ada Bertini BezziRemote Learning
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I Thomas GoveroRemote Learning
MA 101 Intermediate Algebra Margaret KnellerRemote Learning
MA 197 Pre-Calculus (Prerequisite: Placement or completion of MA 101 with a grade of C- or above) Sara MundayRemote Learning
MA 198 Calculus I (Prerequisite: Placement or completion of MA 197 with a grade of C- or above) Sara MundayRemote Learning
MA 208 Statistics I (Prerequisite: Placement into MA 197 or completion of MA 100 or MA 101 with a grade of C- or above) Stefano ArnoneRemote Learning
MA 209 Statistics II (Prerequisites: CS 110, MA 208 with a grade of C- or above) Stefano ArnoneRemote Learning
MA 299 Calculus II (Prerequisite: MA 198 with a grade of C- or above) Sara MundayRemote Learning
MGT 301 Principles of Management (Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing) Ieva Jakobsone BellomiRemote Learning
MGT 330 Operations Management (Prerequisites: MGT 301, MA 208) Ian RobertsRemote Learning
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing (Prerequisites: EC 201, MA 208) Antonella SalvatoreRemote Learning
MKT 310 Consumer Behavior (Prerequisite: MKT 301) Alessandro SignoriniRemote Learning
MKT 360 Brand Management (MKT 301) Anna FiorentinoRemote Learning
PL/LAW 320 Public International Law Pamela HarrisRemote Learning
PL/LAW 323 International Migration (Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Silvia ScarpaRemote Learning
PS 101 General Psychology Paola Castelli Remote Learning
PS 352 NEW! Positive Psychology (Prerequisite: PS 101) Nicola PetrocchiRemote Learning
SOSC/ITS 220 NEW! Italian Food Culture James Schwarten Remote Learning