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Spring 2021 – December 2, 2020 12:30 AM CET 

To find a syllabus, go to the semester of your choice and click on the icon for the course that interests you. If the syllabus has not yet been posted for a particular course, you can check past semesters for a syllabus for the same course. Please note, however, that professors change and update syllabi every semester.

*Spring 2021 courses will continue to be hybrid and synchronous. While we hope that everyone can join us on campus in Rome, we wish to maintain flexibility for those who are not able to be on campus and need to follow courses remotely. Students who decide to do so, need to fill out the following Academic Petition and submit. Students who must remain in disparate time zones will be followed by the Academic Dean’s Office to develop a schedule that works for them and, if necessary, receive accommodations to take their classes asynchronously.

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Fall 2018 (Click on course code to access syllabus; If code is not clickable, the syllabus is not yet available.)

DMA 333 TV Studio Lab Brian ThomsonW 3:30-6:15 PM
DMA 356 Editing Genre (Prerequisite: COM 230) Brian ThomsonT 3:30-6:15 PM
DMA 398 Digital Production Internship (Prerequisites: GPA of 3.0 or higher; Junior Standing; Internship in the field of Digital Production obtained through the Career Services Center) Margaret KnellerT 6:00-7:15 PM
DMA 434 TV Production Practicum I (Prerequisites: DMA 333. Corequisite: EXP 1015 Media Production Workshop and the recommendation of the professor) Brian ThomsonTH 3:30-6:15 PM
DMA 435 NEW! TV Production Practicum II (Prerequisites: DMA 434 TV Production Practicum I) Brian ThomsonTH 3:30-6:15 PM