Clubs and Organizations

Clubs Recognition

All Clubs and Organizations must complete the Registration and Recognition process to be officially recognized and supported by the University. Official registration allows clubs to benefit from funding from the Student Services Office and specifies the rights, duties, privileges, and responsibilities of each Student Organization.

Please note: new Clubs or Organizations must submit their application material by Summer II Orientation. 

The Registration and Recognition process includes:

  • Scheduling a meeting with the Director of Student Services
  • Submitting Intent to Organize Form
  • Submitting a Mission Statement and a Constitution for the Club
  • Securing an Advisor. All clubs must have a Staff or Faculty member as an Advisor
  • Drafting a Statement of Purposes, in which the Goals of the Club are discussed in detail
  • Submitting all the above material to the Director of Student Services at [email protected]

Once all the material has been reviewed by the Student Organization Committee and the club is approved, a letter will be sent to the Organization's Chairperson, the Advisor, and Student Services for notification. Only at this point is the organization considered a registered club.

We will be more than happy to guide you through the whole recognition process, answer any questions or send you more information regarding Student Clubs and Organizations. Please email us at: [email protected]