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Participation in Student Clubs and Organizations is an exciting and vital part of student life. Individuals have the opportunity to grow and develop skills in a variety of areas including time management, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

Student Clubs, Organizations, and Groups may not operate independently of the University and must abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook.

Mission and Goals

The Student Services Department strives to support and guide student clubs and organizations in order to:

  • Enable students to appreciate, benefit from and contribute to the richness and diversity of other cultures
  • Develop strong leaders who will accept responsibility and make positive contributions to an increasingly interdependent and multicultural world

List of JCU Student Clubs

Student Clubs, Organizations, and Groups

JCU takes pride in its Student Clubs and Organizations, which function under the guidance of the Director of Student Services. All JCU students in good standing are encouraged and welcome to participate.There are three types of student organizations:

Club - A club is an officially recognized Student Organization at JCU representing specific community, social, or cultural student interests.
Society - A society is a recognized Student Organization affiliated with and supported by the academic departments they belong to (i.e. Economics and Finance Society, Computer Science Society).
Groups - Student/Interest Groups are groups of students who wish to meet on an informal basis according to common interests and needs. The development of a constitution and formal structure are not necessary for Student/Interest Groups.

For more information, or to start your own club at JCU, visit Club/Student Group Recognition or contact [email protected]

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