Model United Nations

JCU MUN 2018 Conference

Dear Delegates,
Distinguished Faculty Advisors,

JCU MUN welcomes high school and college students to an international setting of diplomacy and debates in the eternal city of Rome. Therefore, with great pleasure and honor, we proudly announce the Eight Edition of JCUMUN conference, for the year of 2018, on February 8 through 10.
Keeping up with the legacy, the Eight edition of the conference offers three committees: Security Council, Human Rights Committee and ECOFIN.

The delegates will be required to presents positions on the Nuclear proliferation in the Korean Peninsula for Security council, Humanitarian Crisis in Failed States for Human Rights Committee and Income Gap between Rich and Poor within Developed and Developing countries for the ECOFIN committee.

The aim of the conference is to propel delegates to develop and expand their knowledge on the specific topics relevant to the present. Furthermore, delegates will be acquiring practical information on the UN structure while significantly enhancing their public speaking skills through team work, negotiation and leadership.

The JCUMUN Society looks forward to welcoming you in February. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries and additional information.

Z. Alejandra Palacios
Coordinator of JCU MUN 2018 Conference
John Cabot University