Clubs and Organizations

Literature Club

The Literature Club provides opportunities for students to share their writing, discuss films and literary works, and attend community events related to literature and creative writing. The club hosts several events each semester with the partnership of the Creative Writing Institute, the In-Verse Poetry Festival, the Institute for Cultural Translation and the Writing Center.

Our mission is to create a fun, inclusive, and stimulating atmosphere, where JCU students of all majors share their love of literature, and improve their own reading and writing at literary readings, symposia, colloquia, conferences, discussion and conversation that cross disciplines and reach out to the global community.

The Literature Club organizes also special review sessions for the GRE English Subject Test exams.

The goals and plans of the Literature Club are:

  • To encourage the student body’s interest in literature and in all its forms
  • To provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, such as events, readings and debates
  • To stimulate dialogue amongst different cultures, posing particular attention to Comparative Literature and translation

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Download the first issue of Literature's Club literary magazine, Ex Animo