Clubs and Organizations

Economics and Finance Society


The club was established to serve as an opportunity for all undergraduate students interested in the field of investments to develop and/or increase their knowledge of this special area of finance. 


Our club's mission is to provide John Cabot students a bridge between the theory of business, economics, and finance, and the real world of investing and trading. We do this by focusing on developing theoretical and practical investment knowledge, which is the focus of our weekly meetings. In addition, we give students an outlet into the professional world by organizing a club trip every semester, as well as exploring the broader meaning of the word “investment.” 


One of our main goals is to "demystify" the world of investing. In order to do so we analyze various investing styles, tools, and evaluation techniques in an organized manner: this includes the planning of semester-long projects to explore and investigate the broad concept of investment.

Finally, we also increase networking opportunities for members and plan to do so, not only through internal Club meetings, but also through trips and events.

For any questions please email us at [email protected].

Current Board Members

President - De Luca Francesco
Vice-President - Tartabini Virginia 
Secretary - Rinaldi Simone
Coordinator - Percossi Elena  
Treasurer - Cotronei Nanni