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Board Game Club

Board Game Club LogoMission Statement 

At the John Cabot Board Game Club we strive to create an inclusive environment where students can gather to play games. We recognize that it can sometimes be difficult or intimidating for students to create their own communities as they adjust to living in a new country or joining a new school. It is because of this that we hope to create a safe place for students who feel alienated or out of place as they begin their time at JCU. In this space students can connect with their peers, develop a strategic mindset, and retreat from daily stressors by engaging in ludic activities.  

The Board Game Club is open to anyone who wishes to join.

Core Principles 

  • To provide all students access to a social group where they feel comfortable and included.
  • To develop cooperation and teamwork skills while working with peers.
  • To provide social interaction without the pressures or discomfort that comes with discussing controversial topics.
  • To develop communication skills while playing cooperative games.
  • To engage students’ logic and problem-solving skills while playing strategy games.
  • To provide a community for JCU students who are interested in board games.

What We Do 

We seek to further engage in a competitive spirit by partaking in organized tournaments of various genres of board games. Meetings will attempt to bring together JCU students and provide them with a safe place to engage with each other and to provide a sanctuary from the stresses of student life. 

Our weekly meetings will contain boardgame sessions of around 2 hours. These serve as an opportunity to build community and engage with students of all kinds.

We would love for you to join us at the Board Game Club. If you would like to join us or are looking for more information please email us at [email protected]