Department of English Language and Literature

Requirements for the B.A. in English Language and Literature

Learning Outcomes for the English Literature Major

Requirements for the Degree

A. The Proficiency and General Distribution Requirements of the University.

B. Core Curriculum

  • EN 200 Introduction to Literature
  • EN 205 Introduction to the Novel
  • EN 210 Introduction to Poetry and Poetics
  • EN 215 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theories
  • EN 223 American Literature
  • EN 230 English Literature I: Literary Beginnings to Milton
  • EN 231 English Literature II: The Enlightenment to Romanticism
  • EN 232 English Literature III: The Victorians to the Modernists
  • EN 245 Shakespeare or EN 243 Shakespeare in Italy
  • EN 278 Classical Influences on English Literature or EN 282 Italian Visions
  • EN 480 Senior Thesis

The University requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses taken at the University with no more than two grades lower than C- in core courses.

C. Major Electives (6 courses)At least four 300-level English Literature courses. Two courses to be chosen from all English Literature courses at any level, Creative Writing courses at any level, or any of the courses in the list below:    

  • CL 260 Classical Mythology
  • CL 278 Literature and Society in Ancient Rome
  • CL/COM 372 Classical Rhetoric and Oratory
  • COM 305 Survey of Rhetoric
  • IT 315 Selected Topics in Italian Literature
  • IT 320 Survey of Italian Literature I
  • IT 321 Survey of Italian Literature II
  • IT 335 Twentieth Century Italian Women Writers
  • IT 349 The Divine Comedy
  • IT 399 Special topics in Italian Literature
  • ITS 292 Contemporary Italian Narrative in Translation
  • ITS/CW 358 The Art of Literary Translation
  • ITS/TH 341 Modern Italian Drama in Translation
  • PH 304 Philosophy of Art and Beauty
  • TH 198 Introduction to Adaptation
  • TH/ITS 341 Modern Italian Drama in Translation

D. General Electives sufficient to give a total of 120 credits.

As of Fall 2022, students who are declared English Literature majors are allowed to take the following literature courses at the same time as they are taking EN 110: EN 200, EN 230, EN 231 or EN 223. Advisors will be responsible for ensuring that these courses are recommended during advising sessions for the English Literature Majors.