John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in English Literature

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature at John Cabot University have learned to think critically and comparatively and to express their ideas effectively in writing. They have an understanding of the historical development of literatures in English and their cultural contexts, the ability to compare the literary products of different periods and places, and the skills to form original interdisciplinary connections

Students with a B.A. in English Literature possess:

  • LOS 1: a foundation in the traditional distinctions between literary genres as well as the ability to think beyond those distinctions in a manner consistent with contemporary literary theory and practice;
  • LOS 2: a historical understanding of the development of literatures in English and of the influence of the literary, cultural, political, and scientific contexts on texts;
  • LOS 3: a foundation in the principles of literary and cultural theory, along with the ability to apply these theoretical approaches in interpretations of literary texts;
  • LOS 4: a comparative perspective on literature and an understanding of the relationship among British, American, other Anglophone literatures, and literature in translation.

Students with a B.A. in English Literature are able to: 

  • LOS 5: read and write critically in response to primary and secondary literary texts;
  • LOS 6: conduct research competently;
  • LOS 7: report research findings with intellectual and academic honesty;
  • LOS 8: document research accurately and thoroughly, using MLA format;
  • LOS 9: communicate effectively and argue their thesis persuasively.
  • LOS 10: present and defend their arguments effectively, orally.