Department of Business Administration at John Cabot University in Rome

Requirements for the B.A. in International Business

Learning Outcomes for the International Business Major


A. The Proficiency and General Distribution Requirements of the University (the Mathematics and Science requirement will be satisfied by completing the courses in C).

B. Additional Requirements for the International Business Major

1. CS 110 Microcomputer Applications
2. EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
3. EC202 Principles of Macroeconomics
4. MA 198 Calculus I
5. MA 208 Statistics I

Any two of these five courses will satisfy Requirement D of the Associate of Arts degree in International Business.

C. Core Curriculum

1. BUS 220 Business Communications OR IT/BUS 303 Italian for Business
2. ACCT 201 Financial Accounting
3. ACCT 202 Managerial Accounting
4. FIN 301 Finance
5. LAW 323 International Business Law
6. MGT 301 Principles of Management
7. MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
8. MGT 310 Organizational Behavior
9. MGT 330 Operations Management
10. BUS 330 International Business
11. MGT 426 International Management OR MKT 330 International Marketing
12. BUS 498 International Business Seminar

The University requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses taken at the University, with no more than two grades lower than C- in core courses.

D. Major Electives

Four additional upper division (300 or 400 level) courses as follows:
• Four courses with BUS, EC, FIN, MGT, MKT, LAW prefixes 
• One of these courses may be substituted with a business language course if not taken in the core curriculum
• One of these courses may be a 300 level for-credit internship

Approved Substitutes:

  • MA 491 Linear Algebra
  • MA 492 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 493 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
  • MA 495 Differential Equations
  • MA 209 Statistics II

Concentrations: Students majoring in International Business may select a concentration in Marketing, which would mean three upper division (300 or 400 level) courses with a MKT prefix and a strong international focus.*

E. General Electives sufficient to give a total of 120 credits.

*Current courses that would qualify for this concentration include: MKT 302 Service Marketing, MKT 305 Market and Marketing Research, MKT 320 Integrated Marketing Communications, MKT 330 International Marketing, MKT 340 e-Marketing, MKT 350 Marketing for Not for Profit Organizations. Prerequisites for these courses include EN 110, MA 208 , MGT 301 and MKT 301, which IB majors would have fulfilled under (A), (C) and (D).

Please note that students cannot earn a double major or double degree in International Business and Business Administration.