John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Dual Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in Rome and New York

Lubin School of Business LogoJohn Cabot University (Rome) BA in Marketing and Pace University Lubin School of Business (NYC) BBA in Global Marketing Management

JCU Marketing students have the opportunity to earn a Double Bachelors' Degree with Pace University (NYC), a leading AASCB-accredited business school located in the Financial District (near Wall Street) of New York City.

This truly collaborative double bachelor's degree program is designed as follows:

Phase 1: Students begin earning their first 69 credits at JCU with courses in the core foundations for marketing, English, and, most importantly, develop the critical and creative thinking skills that characterize a liberal arts education; this prepares students to move into their study abroad year at Pace University with the academic maturity to take advantage of their year in NYC.

Phase 2: Students earn the next 45 credits spending a full junior year abroad at Pace University so as to benefit greatly from the school's marketing offerings and unique networking opportunities.

Phase 3: After a year at Pace, students return to JCU for their final semester and capstone course, completing their last 15 credits, bringing back their international marketing and management expertise to Rome, Italy, and their home countries as they prepare for careers and graduate programs linking up with JCU's Career Services Center.

The double degree follows the standard US four-year Bachelor's degree program (transfer credits may reduce the calendar time).

First years at John Cabot University (Rome)

Students will complete 69 US academic credits in English, business, introduction to marketing, statistics, communications and JCU's proficiency and general distribution requirements. Students may transfer in up to 30 academic credits. The program is designed to accommodate Italian high school (licei), IB, and US transfer credits.

Full year in Manhattan (NYC) at Pace University (spring intakes only)

Students will transfer to Pace University's campus and take a full calendar year of the following courses:

Introduction to Mass Media English Writing for Business Civic Engagement
Financial Management Business Law Managerial Marketing
Marketing Research   Selling/Sales Marketing
Consumer Behavior Science International Marketing
Business Analytics English Literature Advanced Marketing Management
    Business Strategy

Final semester at John Cabot University (Rome)

Capstone marketing course with the option for an internship. Upon graduating, students will be awarded a BBA in Global Marketing Management from Pace University and a John Cabot University BA in Marketing.


Eligibility to the program: JCU degree seeking students earning a BA in Marketing may apply to pursue the Double Degree. Students must earn a minimum of 69 credits at JCU before they can start at Pace.

GPA requirement: in order to apply, an overall GPA of 3.0 for all courses completed at JCU is strongly recommended. Pace University and JCU will review applicants whose GPA falls between 2.50 and 2.99.

English Proficiency requirement: Students who have completed EN 103 and EN 105 or EN 110 at John Cabot University with a grade of C or higher, will have fulfilled this requirement and will be exempt from taking an English language test.

Instead, students who have not completed the JCU composition sequence and who have graduated from a high school in a country where English is not the official language and for whom English is not their first language must present proof of English proficiency by submitting scores from one of the testing systems below*:

- Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): score of ≥ 80
- International English Language Testing System (IELTS): score of ≥ 6.5
- Pearson PTE Academic: score of ≥ 84

(*scores will not be considered valid if older than two years)

Foreign Language requirement: Students will be required to satisfy the language requirement at JCU unless:

a) They have completed their secondary education in a language other than English or
b) They have two semester of language or one semester of intermediate language.

Transfer credits from other institutions: JCU students may transfer in a maximum of 30 credits from another institution towards the completion of the Double degree (including Italian High School credit).

In order to apply to Pace University JCU students must follow the Pace University Application Process.

JCU students earning the Double degree will be classified as transfer students by Pace University.

Students can easily keep on track with the Double Degree requirements by following the dedicated checklist. While at JCU, students will be supported by their academic advisor and by the Dean's Office when planning their course enrollments.

While at Pace University, students will also have a dedicated advisor. General questions about the program will be answered by JCU; specific questions about curriculum and Pace graduation requirements will be addressed to Pace advisors. Contacts with an advisor will begin prior to arrival, and continue in person once students start their period of studies at Pace University.

For this purpose, students may contact: Dr. John Meletiadis at [email protected]

Phase 1 - Starting at JCU
Students pursuing the Double Degree will start by attending JCU classes. They will need to earn a minimum of 69 credits at JCU (which can include a maximum of 30 transfer credits) and complete the required JCU courses.

Phase 2 - Studying at Pace University
After completing their requirements at JCU, students admitted to the Double Degree will spend Spring, Summer and Fall at Pace University; only Spring enrollment is permitted. In order to remain on track they will be required to complete 45 credits, fulfilling the relevant requirements, as listed in the checklist.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be required to earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 for all courses completed at Pace and a minimum 2.0 GPA for all major courses completed at Pace University in order to earn a Pace bachelor's degree and receive a Pace diploma.

Phase 3 - Completing the Double Degree
Students will return to JCU for their last semester, enrolling in 15 credits, which include their capstone course and an internship opportunity in the field. The total amount of credits needed to earn the Double degree is 128 (as required by Pace University).

Tuition & Fees and Scholarship opportunities at JCU:
Students will be paying JCU tuition and fees when taking classes at JCU. They will instead be paying Pace tuition and fees when enrolled at Pace University.

When enrolled at JCU students will benefit from a variety of financial aid options, as indicated on the university website.

Tuition & Fees and Scholarship opportunities at Pace:
When at Pace, students must refer to Pace costs of attendance (which also provide some estimated living costs)* as described here below:
- Pace University cost of attendance
(*This tuition fee covers up to 18 credits per semester; for a higher number of credits, students will pay a fee for each extra credit, as listed on the Pace webpage above)

When enrolled at Pace students can apply for specific scholarships (Transfer Incentive Awards), as indicated on the university website.

Please note that students who study at Pace University will technically be considered transfer students.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: While at Pace, JCU students will maintain their eligibility for the JCU scholarships they were awarded when at JCU. These funds will not be disbursed during the year they are enrolled at Pace, however, they will be reinstated once the student returns to John Cabot.

Students enrolled in the JCU-Pace double degree program are ineligible to receive US Federal Direct Loan funds for any part of their program because, according to federal regulations, a program for which any portion of it is offered in whole or in part in the United States is considered ineligible for Title IV Federal Aid (Source: FSA FSHB Oct 2016, Section 1–22). 

For further information please contact the JCU Financial Aid Office at [email protected]

Pace University offers housing options within the dormitories. Students can refer to the two links below to learn about Pace housing options and rates:

- NYC Pace Housing Resources

Students may also wish to consider external housing, often less costly than university dormitories.

Pace University offers useful tips on how to find student housing in New York.