John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in International Business

  • LOS 1:  Recognize challenges and opportunities in foreign markets by utilizing and understanding of the characteristics of high-performing organizations by building on the 4 processes that are linked within the management cycle: planning; organizing; leadership; and control.
  • LOS 2:  Learn to critically analyze the risk and opportunities presented for businesses that operate in the global arena and develop financial models and strategic proposals to communicate this information for decision-making.
  • LOS 3:  Develop interpersonal written, visual and oral communication skills underlying international business that includes sensitivity to foreign cultures.
  • LOS 4:  Gain an appreciation of the human diversity in organizations across values and cultures and learn how to effectively operate within an international business context.
  • LOS 5:  Focus on how to manage cultural interdependence, with a consideration of issues of corporate social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability.