John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in Italian Studies

Students with a B.A. in Italian Studies are able to:

  • LOS 1:  Communicate in Italian in the four language skills areas (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) at the C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference.
  • LOS 2:  Identify, interpret and explain the major developments and forces shaping Italian social, political and cultural history.
  • LOS 3:  Distinguish, discuss and evaluate the role of key trends and works in Italian literature, cinema and other forms of cultural production.
  • LOS 4:  Demonstrate extensive knowledge of contemporary Italian culture and society and the ability to function effectively within it.
  • LOS 5:  Engage with the principles of relevant literary, cultural and social theory, with an awareness of the particular perspectives and relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach, and apply these in their own critical analyses of the material studied.
  • LOS 6:  Apply appropriate methodological strategies and information literacy skills to identify, use and document primary and secondary materials in full respect of academic integrity and ethical standards.
  • LOS 7:  Communicate information and analytical interpretations clearly and effectively in written and spoken English.
  • LOS 8:  Respect a structured research and writing schedule and submit draft chapters and the final thesis to the readers by the agreed deadlines.
  • LOS 9:  Answer a clear research question through original, substantive and logically argued analysis.