John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in Business Administration


  • LOS 1: Understand and fully assess the main managerial theories and models.
  • LOS 2: Be familiar with the main financial, accounting, and economics theories.
  • LOS 3: Analyze the key comparative forces of an industry and evaluate the attractiveness of an industry from the perspective of the existing participants and potential new entrants.
  • LOS 4: Identify the main strategies by which companies create comparative advantages against their competitors through marketing and production core competencies as well as organizational capabilities.
  • LOS 5: Design a sustainable and effective strategy in accordance to the corporate mission and shared vision, and define the implementation stages consistently with the organizational structure and budgetary constraints.
  • LOS 6: Search and evaluate reliable secondary sources and employ secondary sources in order to make appropriate and effective decisions.
  • LOS 7:  Employ Internet and electronic databases for intelligence gathering.
  • LOS 8: Interpret and analyze accounting and financial data in order to estimate market and demand and draft a complete budget.
  • LOS 9: Design consistent and comprehensive business plans and summaries for coworkers, top management, and financial investors.
  • LOS 10: Present business ideas and proposals and defend business strategies in front of coworkers, top management, and financial investors.