John Cabot University: the Academic Experience

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. Degree in Art History

  • LOS 1: Identify, analyze and interpret major aspects of Western/Mediterranean art and material culture – within an awareness of the span of world art and the diversity of human visual cultures.
  • LOS 2: Analyze art, architecture, and material culture as primary sources; appreciate the agency of visual and material culture; develop awareness of media, materials and techniques.
  • LOS 3: Evaluate the ways that art and material culture, as well as the reception, presentation, and historical interpretation of these, are shaped by dynamic social and cultural interactions.
  • LOS 4: Apply methods, theories and techniques appropriate to the field, period and medium.
  • LOS 5: Describe and visually analyze art, architecture, and material culture with precision and critical awareness, using technical vocabulary appropriate to the field.
  • LOS 6: Formulate research questions; find and critically evaluate pertinent, high-quality sources and information.
  • LOS 7: Structure and effectively communicate ideas and information orally and in writing; understand how to convey ideas and information visually.