Triggering Change Competition FAQs

When is the submission deadline for the Triggering Change pitch and how can I register? 
In Fall 23, the pitch is due on November 29, at 10 PM (CET, Rome time) and 9 PM (GMT, London time) and you can register through this form. Late submissions will not be accepted. When submitting, make sure that your video is uploaded on YouTube as "unlisted".

Can I participate in Triggering Change if I miss one of the Prep sessions?
Attendance at all three Prep sessions is mandatory. However, if you have a valid reason for missing a session, you can receive a recording of the session by writing to [email protected].

What are the key elements to cover in my Triggering Change pitch?
Your pitch should address: 1. why the environmental issue is important to your chosen audience 2. what the challenge is from an environmental sustainability perspective (problem) 3. how your audience can make a difference (solution) and 4. have a clear call to action for the audience. No PowerPoint presentations allowed: be as creative as possible. You can film yourself speaking in a supermarket, under the shower, at the beach, or in any other special setting that creates engagement.

Are there any restrictions on the use of visuals or props in the pitch video?
There are no specific restrictions on the use of visuals or props in your pitch video as long as they are relevant and effective. We encourage creativity and engagement in your presentation.

Are there specific guidelines for audio quality when recording?
Ensuring your voice is clear, especially when recording in outdoor environments, is essential. This step is critical because if your audio is difficult to understand, it will negatively impact the evaluation of your pitch.

Can I participate in Triggering Change to earn the Certificate in Sustainability?
Yes, participation in Triggering Change makes students eligible for the Certificate in Sustainability.

What format should my Triggering Change pitch take?
Your presentation should consist of a two-minute video, either done individually or in a pair, and sent through a Google form. You should choose a format and method appropriate to your idea, which might include a presentation, dialogue, prototype, or even a performance held in an engaging space. Be creative and catch your audience’s attention!

What are the judging criteria?
The judging criteria include:
•   Knowledge of the chosen SDG
•   Creativity and proposing a realistic, sustainable solution
•   Quality of the pitch and video

Who is on the selection committee?
The selection committee comprises:
•   Giacomo Di Capua: Postgraduate researcher in Climate Health Economics
•   Asia Guerreschi: Ph.D. Candidate for Sustainability and Wellbeing
•   Professor Tanja Lanza: Entrepreneur and senior strategy consultant
•   Professor Michèle Favorite: Business Communication, Public Relations, and Marketing teacher
•   Davide Ebraheem: Marketing & Entrepreneurship student at John Cabot University
•   Professor Carola Hieker: Honorary Professor for Transformation Leadership at UCL

Is it mandatory to complete the Sulitest Online Survey, and what does it involve?
The Sulitest Online Survey is a learning and knowledge assessment related to your eco-literacy. It is a prerequisite to start the Prep sessions, and it should be completed both before the Prep session and after you've submitted your pitch (before the 29th of November). If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].