Alumni Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub represents the meeting point between John Cabot’s internal community and an external network of individuals and organizations on the theme of sustainability. 

This endeavor has been driven by the vision and passion of our alumni, many of whom are established scholars and experts in sustainability throughout the world and across different industries and organizations.  

The University is committed to being at the forefront in shaping the leaders who will guide the transition to a more sustainable and equitable world. We believe that every member of the JCU community can be a positive force for change and that by harnessing the power of knowledgeable, active, and inspired individuals, both inside and outside of the University, we can make a real difference. 

You can contribute to John Cabot’s sustainability mission by joining the JCU Sustainability Hub. Through events, mentorship programs, funding opportunities, informal and formal exchanges, the Hub will strengthen the University’s integration of the United Nations SDGs in its curriculum as well as create a dynamic, sustainably-minded community of alumni, professors, students, and external experts.

As we rapidly approach the landmark year of 2030, the deadline set to achieve the SDGs that enable sustainable growth, we need to step up our efforts. Please join us at the Sustainability Hub by  filling in this form