John Cabot provides many ways to encourage students to develop their knowledge of and sensitivity to environmental sustainability. One way is through academic courses. These are meant to fully integrate with the wealth of other activities and projects available at the University: students clubs, community work, faculty-led trips, lectures and workshops, alumni networking and mentoring, the Triggering Change pitch, as well as the recently-created Certificate in Sustainability.

True to its liberal arts tradition, John Cabot takes a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability, helping to develop a holistic vision that provides a broad approach to understanding and making sense of this complex topic. Courses are being added and the curriculum is evolving to accommodate greater flexibility and focus. 


Below is a selection of courses that focus heavily on sustainability:

BUS 220 Business Communication, Prof. Favorite  
BUS 320 Public Relations, Prof. Favorite 
CMS 323 Media and the Environment, prof. Lopez
CMS 345 Ecocinema: Environmentalism and Film, Prof. Lopez  
DJRN 380 Writing for Advocacy: Climate Crisis, prof. Lopez
MKT 320 Integrated Marketing Communications, prof. Favorite
NS 202 Global Warming, Prof. Kneller 
NS 220 Food and Agriculture, Prof. Kneller  
NS 230 Energy & Environment, Prof. Kneller 
NS 290 Science and Urban Ecology, Prof. Kneller  

Research Papers

Below is a selection of research papers that focus on sustainability:

Algorithms and Climate: An Ecomedia Literacy Perspective
Does ESG Disclosure Influence Firm Performance?
Ecomedia Literacy: Decolonizing Media and the Climate Emergency
Ecomedia Literacy: Educating with Ecomedia Objects and the Ecomediasphere
Ecomedia: The metaphor that makes a difference
Bella Gaia and the Pedagogical Power of the Overview Effect: An Interview with Kenji Williams
Fake Climate News: How Denying Climate Change is the Ultimate in Fake News
Marketing Sustainable Financial Products to Specific Target Segments
Corporate Social Performance and Cost of Debt
Deconstructing Chipotle: Media as Environmental Education
Key Factors for Success of Social Enterprises in Italy
HEFCE Strategic Review of Sustainable Development in Higher Education in England