Study Abroad in Rome

Study Abroad in Rome for the Summer Semester

John Cabot University’s summer sessions provide the perfect short-term study abroad solution. Combine our options to meet your academic needs. All courses are taught in English, except for Italian language.

Two 5-Week Summer Sessions

  • Summer I 2024: May 15 - June 22. Earn 3 or 6 academic credits. 
  • Summer II 2024: June 27 - August 3. Earn 3 or 6 academic credits.

One 3-Week Mini-Session

  • Summer II Mini 3-Weeks: · June 27 - July 20. Earn 3 academic credits.

Key Features

  • Summer I and II curriculum: Over 100 courses in key areas of art history, business, communications, economics, engineering, English literature, history, Italian language, mathematics, political science, psychology, and studio arts. Take up to 6 credits in each session.
  • Data Science and Engineering for Discovery and Diversity: In collaboration with Florida A & M, engage in data science and engineering to explore societal issues using secondary data. $500 scholarships available for students enrolled at an HBCU.
  • Summer Engineering Program: Spend the summer in Rome, a city renowned for its remarkable feats of engineering such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the aqueducts, and take STEM classes to stay on track for graduation. $500 engineering scholarship available.
  • Summer Internship Opportunities: Learn about our competitive For-Credit Internship Program.
  • Summer II Mini-Session Curriculum: Earn 3 credits in 3 weeks, with a focus on applied, active courses in business consulting, computer science, creative writing, digital media arts, and studio art. 
  • Student Life: Participate fully in JCU activities and trips, while earning credit towards your degree program. 
  • Financial Aid: Your federal aid is transferable. Please check with your study abroad office or contact [email protected] regarding eligibility. 
  • Costs: We have tried to make our programs as affordable as possible. See our tuition and fees. Check with your university to see if they have a partnership with us.

Special Programs

  • Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation: Work on your creative writing while getting to know the Eternal City. Our summer institute features guest lectures, seminars, and special events, and provide communications and creative writing students with a chance to hone their skills while exploring Rome.