Study Abroad in Rome

Summer Engineering and Mathematics Courses Abroad for STEM Majors

John Cabot University offers Engineering and Mathematics courses for STEM majors during our Summer I and II five-week sessions. This allows students to take the pressure off their semester coursework, transfer the credits back to their home university, and stay on track for graduation – while spending the summer in Rome, Italy, a city renowned for its remarkable feats of engineering such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the aqueducts.

Summer I 2019 : May 22 – June 29
Summer II 2019 : July 4 – August 10

Summer I Engineering Fundamentals and Mathematics Courses:
ARCH 204 Technology of The Ancient World: Aqueducts, Armor, Automata (Partially on-site; activity fee: €25 or $33)
ENGR 200 Material and Energy Balances
ENGR 210 Engineering Fundamentals: Statics
ENGR 213 Engineering Fundamentals: Thermodynamics
ENGR 220 Engineering Fundamentals: Fluid Mechanics
MA 197 Pre-Calculus
MA 198 Calculus
MA 208 Statistics I
MA 209 Statistics II
MA 210 Statistics for Engineering and Sciences
MA 299 Calculus II
MA 491 Linear Algebra
MA 495 Differential Equations

Summer II Engineering Fundamentals Courses:
CS 150 Programming Concepts and Applications
ENGR 211 Engineering Fundamentals: Mechanics of Materials
ENGR 213 Engineering Fundamentals: Thermodynamics
MA 208 Statistics I

In addition to the STEM courses, there are over 70 other courses available during Summer I and 30 courses during Summer II in general electives as well as business, communications, economics and finance, and art history.

See course schedules and syllabi for Summer I and Summer II

The syllabi for JCU’s engineering courses come from major engineering programs in the US, which facilitates the transfer of credit, and are taught by visiting professors from major universities. 

John Cabot University Summer Engineering Scholarships of $500 per session are available for engineering majors (please check with your study abroad office or contact us regarding eligibility). 

For further information contact [email protected]   

Application deadline is April 1 (Summer I session) or May 1 (Summer II session)

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