For-Credit Internships

Why is it important to do a For-Credit internship during your academic career?

  • It is a fundamental addition to your resume when applying for graduate programs.
  • It is a professional and soft skills development opportunity.

If you are interested in a For-credit Internship, check our bulletin boards and log in to Jobiri, or write to Professor Michèle Favorite, Director of the Center for Career Services, at [email protected]

Internships through JCU are highly competitive and we cannot guarantee you will obtain one, as final decision rests with the companies that interview candidates. However, we encourage you to try and apply, as an internship is a highly formative experience and will enrich your resume. For-credit internships are unpaid.

For-credit internship Requirements

  • You must be enrolled at JCU for the semester (or summer session) in which you would like to get the internship
  • Internships must be obtained through JCU Center for Career Services (CSC)
  • Junior standing (60 credits completed)
  • Min. GPA of 3.0
  • Good administrative standing with the university

For-credit Internship course

The internship and the For-credit class must be performed in the same semester.

  • 20 hours of in-class instruction;
  • 150 minimum number of hours worked that is verified by the CSC upon completion of the internship.
  • A daily internship log;
  • In-depth interview with the internship sponsor or organization;
  • A 2500 to 3000 word "White Paper" presenting a position or solution to a problem encountered by their employer;
  • Positive evaluations from your employer and the For-credit class professor.

Summer: the course will begin the 1st week of classes. Students may reference the syllabus for complete details.
Spring and Fall: you must register for the class no later than the 2nd week of classes. Class will begin the 3rd week of the semester.

When and How to Apply

Please apply in accordance with the following calendar:

  • Spring For-credit Internships: from October 1 to January 15
  • Summer For-credit Internships: from February 1 to May 15
  • Fall For-credit Internships: from May 1 to September 3 (with a break from July 15 to August 25)

Find out more on how to apply


The For-credit internship course is graded on a "pass/no pass" basis and is for 3 academic credits.

Only one three-credit Internship course may be used towards your 120-credit graduation requirement.

The internship course may be used as a major elective or general elective. For COM, AH and English Lit. majors, the course may only be used as general elective

For questions on academic related topics, please refer to your advisor or chair of department.

Please, note that the For-Credit can only be done once in your academic path.


Please note that the tuition costs are for the 3 academic credits given by the class as the internship bears no additional costs.

For any tuition-related question concerning the For-credit class, please contact the Business Office - Student Accounts, at [email protected]

Please note: US Federal aid recipients are strongly encouraged to choose a For-credit internship outside of the US to avoid becoming ineligible for federal loans at JCU. Please contact [email protected] for more information.